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Cosmetic Acupuncture

“You’re going to bring everything out to the side of your face and down the sternocleidomastoid muscle, which is that big [neck] muscle that turns your neck from side to side...that’s where the major lymph drainage portals are.” This movement, in turn, promises to help reduce puffiness (especially during allergy season , according to Goldstein) and tighten skin for a “lifted and sculpted” look. “That’s going to give you rosy cheeks; it’s going to give you a nice, bright complexion,” she says. Also, Pekar added, “When we create better flow, we can guide nutrients to the surface of the skin, reenergizing and refreshing it.” In fact, Goldstein often compares the treatment to giving your skin a real workout for those tight and toned results. “It’s like taking your face to the gym. So you have to work the muscles and train the tissue,” she says. “So that and with strategic acupressure [on the] acupuncture points specifically designed for face lifting and anti-aging, you can see a difference of maybe up to five to 10 years.” While the benefits fulfill our need for instant gratification, the experts stress that your lifestyle can affect how long the effects of the treatments last. A night out drinking with friends or an indulgent meal can cause the puffiness the treatment reduces to quickly return. “It’s not a permanent treatment,” Goldstein said. “It may not be as puffy, but tissue fluid is tissue fluid. And so, depending on your lifestyle, you may just want to do it to look good for the night.” The use of at-home cupping kits has become popular in recent months, but most experts agree that the practice works best when the cup is out of your hands.

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